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Hey there guys! - Well I've been sitting on this and debating for about a year now on whether I would open one. Personally, I like working for what I earn! I really do hence the commissions I open up cheap as hell. However, I really don't ever get any orders... So kinda hard to make anything to leave if you're not getting orders! Right?
((Speaking of, I'm working on those commissions at this very moment that are left.))

Let's just say My GF and I have been the victim of ABUSE Mentally and Physically from my father. It's been this way for years but we can never just get enough to move out. So, weve been pretty damn stuck.


Through my life I've watched my father go from being a loving man to something awful. Sometime during my teenage years the happy life I lived fell apart. My father started being terrible to my mother so that by the time I was 18 Mom divorced him. This was due to his tellin gher she couldn't go out or do anything. They were always arguing and yelling.   - -  I was lead to believe it was her. Well, I was wrong and I quickly learned that.

My father has mentally abused me since my mother left. However, I didn't know that's what it was at first. I thought it was just him being a jerk who was old fashioned by telling me "It's a womans job to clean and cook".   - - - It was during this time I met and fell in love with another girl named Mimi. She moved in with me after being dropped off here to stay for a week and her husband divorced and ditched her here.  - That's when we got together after realizing how compatible we are. 

My father when I was younger would beat me with a belt. He'd smack his hand against my bare butt.  Hell he even hit me one time in the past when I was older just for cursing one time. No no, I mean HIT with a FIST.   .. Again, at that time I'd shrugged it off not really realizing the full problem of the situation. 

Since my GF has stayed here living with me we've NEVER spoken to him about it. He hates LGBT. My friend is Trans and he disrespects him all of the time. He disrespects my other friends who are Gay or Bisexual. Every time I bring it up he calls them queers, fags, and makes me feel like shit since I myself and Bisexual and actually Trans. Female to Male .. I just don't have funds for that yet.  - Safety first is my concern. 

He thinks of my GF and I as his personal slaves. Leaving us to do all of the dishes, to clean the house/sweep/vacuum, Let his dog out - we're not allowed to go anywhere without him whining about his dog not being able to go potty. My mom (who was my only family support for who and what I am) died last year, and he already wants me to throw all of her stuff out. (Which I don't have much left. Just some  clothes and a few pieces of furniture.)  -- While he's been hording my brothers stuff for about 25 years now since he died.  

He's also threatened to shoot my GF if he ever found out she was LGBT, and he's just been slowly losing his mind. He nearly punched me twice in a row at Meijer today. First time because I told him "No." Sarcastically to his question of if I worked on a farm. Second time because I got defensive and stood up to him questioning his sanity about nearly hitting me over something so stupid.

He even sexually harasses us in a verbal manner. He's always telling us dreams he has about us touching his "Schlong", or our friends doing that. How we talk about wanting to get with him in his dreams. He dreams about it even sometimes. Heck he even talks about how my DEAD MOTHER TELLS HIM in HIS DREAMS that it's okay to have sex with us!

He HAS SMACKED OUR ASSES. GRABBED OUR BREASTS, HE'S TRIED TO KISS MY GF ON THE LIPS! He's touched us in some ways that've been VERY uncomfortable and LAUGHS AT IT when we tell him not to.

My GF and I just can't be ourselves around him. We can't be open or free without fear of him trying to kill us if he finds out, or us being thrown out on the street with all of our stuff, or having it just given away.  We NEED to get out... We NEED to leave...  .... We just don't have the money to.

My GF has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a very disabling disease. It attacks the connective tissue, joints, muscles etc. She has Mitral Valve Proplapse and suffers from Depression and suicidal thoughts - mostly due to my father. She's also an immigrant from Germany and the two of us intend to get married. However, with this going on in our lives we can't do that until we get the heck out of here. - but the point is with that disease, she can't work. It's really really hard for her to stand or do anything for more than 30 minutes before she ends up in pain.  She can't get disability until she's a citizen either.

I myself have unconfirmed Fibromyalgia, but my lack of a highschool diploma stops me from being able to get a job either. They take one look, roll their eyes and then move on to the next. Especially since I have no experience! (Even if I would be a really hard worker.) I do intend to go back for my GED or get that diploma but, again, priorities and I fear for my GF's safety and my own. 

We really desperately need to move. We need your help, so please, any help would be AMAZING! Thank you...


What would you pay for a picture like this? -… 

5 deviants said Comment please.
2 deviants said This is serious.


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