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Gallery Highlights

::-Wander Over Where?!-:: by Starimo ::-Mew...?-:: by Starimo.:Bobble and Tiny Chibi:. by Starimo::-Crud..-:: by Starimo::-Gotcha Somethin'... -:: by Starimo::-Look Fireflies..-:: by Starimo.::To Be With You::. by Starimo::...Every Kiss...:: by Starimo::-Afternoon Fishing-:: by Starimo

Commission Lists

:bulletred::bulletred::star: ::~Commissions I Owe~:: :star::bulletred::bulletred:

:iconinky20xx: - Toad Patrol
:iconglitterqueen: - Kiara and Nala as Meerkats - Half drawn

:iconwindycitypuma: Private
:iconsilkenwinds: - MLP OC & Discord
:iconjetnset: - 3 Commissions
:iconunicorn-skydancer08: - Chibi Tristan & Terence - Re-Doing
:iconlonesome-wolf-child: - Half body color sketch of Remi & Evan (OCs)
:bulletred::bulletred::star: ::~Commissions People Owe Me~:: :star::bulletred::bulletred:
:iconmheanne27: - Sano and Yin with sake(waiting for refund)
:iconannria2002: - 2 character picture
:iconrosurin: - 3 character picture. Kia, Punch and Quill

:bulletred::bulletred::star: ::~Gifts to Others~:: :star::bulletred::bulletred:


Gifts-Commissions for Me

Half Body: Yin by nyan-shop HalfBody: Manami by nyan-shop C: Usui and Raven by Detoreik Request: Burst by TreyHartfield Prize- Yoshiko by HinderenceReq - Virallight by Gazeki

My Pairings

Sanosuke & Yin

[C] 04 by Kizakura-commish Commish FiftyOne- Starimo by PieSeas MiniCHibi: Harada x Yin by nyan-shop Life is Quite Wonderful by PlumAppleJuice
Chichiri & Aliana

The Fishing Disaster by MarionMayMay Request : OCs by Starimo by mauleskim AT: Aliana X Chichiri by Valorie-Sonsaku Free Art 7: Chichiri + Aliana by hirokada + Com - Anyango 5 + by DNAngelgal On your loves back ... by Greenleaffrog Free Art 5: Chichiri + Aliana by hirokada Starimo request by OutcastKingdom ducks by Satomi-Chan Commission 5: Chichiri+Aliana by hirokada Chichiri and aliana by Valorie-Sonsaku For Anyango by Hinderence
Pokemon Pairings

+ Com - Anyango 2 + by DNAngelgal C: Professor Jeanic and Professor Sycamore by Detoreik commission 4 starimo by hikariangelove for  Starimo  by sara by Sara-Sakurahime commission 4 anyango by hikariangelove + Com - Anyango 1 + by DNAngelgal

Bon & Chizu

Commission To Starimo by Krisstal06 Request- Starimo by Chibi-neko4 Commission: Starimo [0003] by ChibiSalLina
Souji/Manami & Ryunosuke/Ayame

[C] 05 by Kizakura-commish


I'd like to thank whoever gave me the Subscription! I really means a lot! <3 I'm in such desperate need of money that every penny was needed and that's why I said it'd take awhile.  Thank you so so so soooooo much!!

I'm getting back to work on the ones I owe again this morning, but here's a reminder for everyone that Commissions are in fact STILL OPEN!!

I can draw almost anything you'd like! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/TMNT, Sonic, Sonic BOOM, Anime like Sailor Moon, Hakuouki, Ronin Warriors, Kenshin, OCs, Yaoi, Yuri, Fushigi Yuugi, My Little Pony, Blue Exorcist/Ao No Exorcist, Pokemon, Gargoyles, Casper, Dragon Hunters, Disney stuff, How to Train Your Dragon, Big HERO 6, 9, Monsters Inc/University, Wreck-it Ralph, Frozen, One Piece, Wander Over Yonder, Homestuck, Whatever you'd like EXCEPT VORE and GORE.

Color Sketches are $7 Half Body and $10 Full body

::-Hazel and Paisley-:: by Starimo SC 1 - Anyango by Starimo

Sketches are still $5

A Raven WIP by Starimo Ruby - WIP by Starimo Chibi Nuriko Sketch by Starimo

OR HALF Bodies are $3

SC4 - For Pomtini by Starimo

CHIBI'S ARE NOW $10 Plain BG, $15 for Medium BG or $20 with full BG

.:Aliana Chibi:. by Starimo ::-Chibi Nuriko-:: by Starimo .:Bobble and Tiny Chibi:. by Starimo

Head Shots Completed = $12 
(Second Character +10)

Yee-Haw Blayne by Starimo

Half Body's Completed = $25 (Simple Bg Included.)
Detailed BG - Start at $8 and go up.
Second Character - $10  Third Character and more =  $12 EACH

::-Crud..-:: by Starimo ::-Hey, Callia...-:: by Starimo

Full Body's Completed = $30 (Simple or no BG included)

Backgrounds Start at - $15 and go up depending on detail. (Hint - Tree's are easy.)
Second Character - $20  Third  or more =  $25 EACH

::-Hey, No Sweat!-:: by Starimo ::-I Think I Can Persuade Her...-:: by Starimo ::-Boo-It Felix!-:: by Starimo

Chichiri and aliana by Valorie-Sonsaku For Anyango by Hinderence The Fishing Disaster by MarionMayMay Chichiri and Aliana by irishgirl982 Chichiris thanks - for neoncat by houjun

Which Animation program do you use? 

7 deviants said Leave a comment please, I'd love to know!
5 deviants said I'm trying to get my hands on one..

My Favorite Things

Favorite Anime Characters

Harada Sanosuke by Clange-kazeStamp: Okita Souji by LuxuriahTodo Heisuke by Clange-kazeHakuouki: Shinpachi Stamp 2 by LuxuriahChichiri Stamp - 2 by neoncatTasuki Stamp 1 by neoncatNuriko Stamp by neoncatKouji Stamp - 1 by neoncatBon Moments Stamp by VAL0VEKuro and Rin Stamp by Melodious-MuseMephisto stamp by NamiYamiMonkey D. Luffy by DarkShad00wUsopp by DarkShad00w:thumb292313647:One Piece Strawhats Stamp by ZochoDororo Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelKururu Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelKeroro Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelSaburo Fan Stamp by CassedyDuelSycamore Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsCilan stamp 2 by SA948-StampsStamp-James Fan by sugarbearkittyStein stamp by SuperpluplushSoul Eater "Soul" Stamp by dn-revengeSlayers: Xelloss stamp by Kaze-yoSlayers Stamp 030 by hanaktShu Stamp 1 by aoi-ryu
Favorite Cartoon Characters

Turbo stamp by SA948-StampsKing Candy by Pharaoh-InkOnce-ler Love stamp by TMNT-Raph-fanGargoyles Stamp - Brooklyn by KatWithKnivesGargoyles Stamp - Hudson by KatWithKnivesTony Toponi Stamp by neoncatStinkie Stamp by neoncatThe Ghostly Trio Stamp by neoncatSmell-O-Stamp by neoncatQJ Stamp by peskysewerbirdDisney Stamp - TLK 009 by hanaktDisney Simba, Pumba + Timon Stamp by TwilightProwlerRainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlzMLP: AppleJack stamp by JanbearpigLuna Winking Stamp by ViperDash-GFXDJ PON-3 stamp by ppgfan4lifeStamp - HHW - Mayor Ned Stamp by Vegeta-HolicDragon Hunters Gwizdo Stamp by ElizaMoonchildBobble Stamp by neoncatFawn fan by LittleStar87Jack Frost Stamp by neoncatMiser Brothers Stamp by neoncatDonatello 2012 stamp by SA948-StampsLeonardo 2012 stamp by SA948-StampsWander Animated Stamp by TaffytaMuttonfudgeStamp Ickis by LUIARKaput Stamp by Skunky-Tastic
Favorite Sonic Stuff

STAMP: Sally Fan by FunnelVortexI Love Bunnie Stamp by KAIJUfreakJulie-Su Stamp by BlazeCherrySTAMP: Mighty the Armadillo by Xeric-StudiosVector 2012 stamp by SA948-StampsEspio 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsLocke the Echidna Stamp by neoncatSabre Stamp by neoncatThunderhawk Stamp by neoncatLara-Le Stamp by neoncatNicole Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxSilver 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsManic stamp by FortunaDrakenAthair Stamp by neoncatTobor Stamp by neoncatKragok Stamp by neoncatRemington LURV by IvyShadowLien-Da Stamp by neoncatSonicxSally Stamp by neoncatKnuckles x Julie-Su Stamp by neoncatTailxMina by Atlanta-HammyRotor x Nicole Stamp by neoncatArchie StH Stamp 027 by TheRosePrinceSonic SatAm Stamp by seashellbySonal Stamp by BlazeCherryStamp: Sally and Amy BOTH... by Jammerlee

Favorite Pairings

Stamp :: Canon Pairings by pear-fairyLina and Gourry stamp by Numbuh9Kataang Stamp by an-angels-tearsRanma + Akane Stamp by irishgirl982Stamp-03 by Bugs-LolaClubB.J and Lyds 4eva... by CLGristwoodStamp - Pokeshipping by Pokefan181WoodyxBo stamp by Violette-AnerTakiSaki stamp by Purinsesu-stampsInu x Kag stamp by inuyasha1111NaruAki stamp by WrolinPure Love - Naruhina Stamp by KaorulovYuiXTetsuya Stamp by neoncatMiaka and Tamahome Stamp by mylastelCallizdo Stamp by neoncatRK Stamp - Kaoru Kenshin 005 by hanakt
More Favorite Anime

kamigami no asobi: Loki Laevatein stamp by SakamakiJustineKamigami no Asobi|Stamp. by Shiizaya-chanGray Stamp 2 by whiteflamingoNatsu Stamp by tsunamithedemonIruka fans Stamp by darkTHBDuo Maxwell Stamp by SweetyTeetyGW: Zechsy Stamp by Twilight-DeviantSanosuke Sagara Stamp by imrahilXbattousaiHimura Kenshin Stamp by imrahilXbattousaiRyoga by ttalktomesoftlyRanma Stamp by Shiro-RedfieldSaiyuki Stamp by SoBlankSailor Moon animated stamp 009 by hanaktRev Grl Utena Stamp - 01 by AngelicParaRyo Stamp 1 by aoi-ryuSeiji Stamp 1 by aoi-ryuTouma Stamp 1 by aoi-ryuShin Stamp 1 by aoi-ryuMashos Stamp 1 by aoi-ryuFMA Ed Stamp by erjanksMalik Caesar Stamp by SuperKawaiiMochiOur Team - stamp by Hele-Jaguar





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